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Physiotherapy or physiotherapists are specialists related to muscles, joints, or any physical disorder. Physiotherapy also plays a vital role in human body disorder.


Physiotherapy in the medical covers physical therapy of human beings. A physiotherapist is an expert in physical disorders. Muscular disorders, joint relaxation, and many other things similar to these terms are discussed in this field.

Physiotherapy assists in understanding the disorders of the body joints, muscles, and bones. The major duty of a physiotherapist is to assists the body parts without the surgery.

A physiotherapist engages which type of disorders?

Here are some disorders. These are engaged in physiotherapy

Sports Injuries:

During sports and games, athletes can face the problem of muscles, bones, and joints. These types of injuries are related to physiotherapy.


Osteoporosis causes weakness in the bones. A good physiotherapist may help his/her patient to recover this weakness. Many physical exercises are related to recovering these disorders, for example, yoga.


A sudden headache is also recovered in physiotherapy.

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